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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  August 23, 2009 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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job. jim could open his eyes but he couldn't speak and it wasn't until the doctor dropped in one day when he realized his friend who had died was very much still alive. >> i said, jim, can you hear me? and all of a sudden his head nodded yes. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i was, you know -- what i thought was, there's someone there. i mean, i hadn't done it for nothing. it hadn't been for nothing. >> reporter: kaelin snapped this photo of jim just three days after he left the hospital. >> i feel great. >> certainly he's a miracle but there are other miracles out there if they can get to the right hospital and the right treatment. >> reporter: robert says he used to believe there was only one sure thing in medicine. >> i left medical school and i left my medical training knowing that i knew the difference between a living person and a dead person. and as of a couple weeks ago, i
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can no longer say that. >> reporter: kaelin and jim couldn't be more grateful. >> nice when it's a happy ending. the news tonight far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> off the top tonight a new push to prevent passengers from being trapped on the tarmac. thanks for staying up with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons in for maureen umeh. they're the horror stories all air travelers can relate to. passengers stuck for hours with nowhere to go. fox 5's matt ackland with some lawmakers who are planning to hold airlines accountable. >> reporter: if it's passed, the term bill will go after airlines and force them to make changes when it comes to the way they deal with passengers. the big issue being talked about these days is the time people are forced to spend trapped inside aircraft before or after their actual flight. everyone expects to experience
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minor delays when they fly but five and six hours inside a plane, some say that's ridiculous. the nightmare for 47 passengers ok place at the rochester- minnesota airport. their small jet had just landed but because of confusion with the ground crew, the passengers were not allowed to leave the aircraft for over five hours. listen to the pilot try to get clearance. >> the people are not -- they're getting really upset on the plane. we need to work out some way to get them off. >> reporter: a similar situation at j.f.k. airport in new york. 100 passengers this time heading for the midwest. they had to wait six hours before their flight could take off. so angered by this, senator charles schumer has called for the passage of a federal passenger rights bill. >> the legislation requires airlines to offer passengers the option of safely leaving the plane they've boarded once that plane has sat on the ground for three hours after
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the plane doors closed. >> reporter: some passengers have described it as feeling trapped with food and water running out, the bathrooms overflowing. >> we stayed in the plane for another hour. so we were six hours total. >> reporter: monique took a flight from florida recently and she stll doesn't know why she was forced to wait so long in the terminal only to board the plane and wait on the tarmac disbl. >> reporter: what was it about? did they tell you? >> no. just asking us to be patient and wait. everybody was already inside of the plane. >> reporter: but other passengers are not so upset. megan who just got off a plane that had to waitabout a half- hour for an open gate says a new law might be going too far. >> yeah, i'm not sure if anything needs to be passed or anything like that but i definitely think they need to be honest when talking to you. >> reporter: but some lawmakers want more than tt anairlines to better job of taking care of passengers. >> there's nothing they can do.
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they're not going to let them off the airplane. >> reporter: monique says although she was delayed on her u.s. airways flight, the cabin crew was extremely helpful. they offered her drinks and snacks even though this could for the offer her much information. >> maybe a little help there. if you haven't upgraded, that clunker of yours, it may be too late to get a go deal. the cash for clunkers program runs out tomorrow and this time congress doesn't have plans to refuel it. nationwide nearly half a million people took advantage of the trade-in program. the program had dealers fronting the cash but the government reimbursing them but some auto dealers didn't want to or couldn't so they chose to put the brakes on the program all together. still some dealerships think the program is still great. they plan to continue the rebates without uncle sam's help. the school bell will ring in just a matter of hours for d.c. public school students. tomorrow they return to class but some parents say at least one local elementary school, it's not ready.
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at john burroughs in northeast, we found teachers working alongside construction workers hoping to have the school ready for tomorrow. parents drove by today to check on the progress. by late afternoon painting was air conditioners were being replaced and trash was being hauled. the pta isn't satisfied. the organization is worried that even if the work is complete, toxic fumes will remain inside. >> it takes 72 hours before you can even come in an environment like this. so we don't even have a 72 hour ur window after these guys finish. they're going to put the kids in an unsafe environment. it's not fair for these children, the parents or the administration. >> the pta will be passing out face masks to some of the parents and if they would like to apply the face mask to chair children, they're well -- to their children, they're welcome to do so. >> the school system says the work is now complete. a number of scols underwent renovations this summer all part of a project to modernize
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the building. hurricane bill shows his deadly strength and thousands of people running for safety in greece. we're everywhere at 11:00. a seven-year-old girl has died after a large wave stirred up by hurricane bill swept her into the water off the maine coast. several people were watching the surf on a rocky ledge at arcadia national park when the wave hit. about 20 people were pulled into the sea. most got out on their own. the coast guard rescued two others who are in the hospital. an emergency plane landing on a california freeway. the faa says three cars ran into a small plane after it landed on the roadway. the plane was bound for santa barbara airport when the pilot told air traffic control he was out of fuel. he was about a mile fom the airport at the time. thankfully no one was hurt. thousands of people are having to lee their homes in greece. wildfires have burned almost 30,000 acres. a state of emergency is in effect in the greater athens
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area. first family is closing out the summer with a week of r&r a martha's vineyard. it's the first vacation for president obama since taking office. the president, first lady and daughters will spend the week on a 28-acre private estate on the island. the first happy has no official event scheduled. it is a vacation after all. tourists are hoping to get a glimpse of the obamas. the president will still have to tackle health care reform once he returns. one question that's now popping up, a guide for veterans called end of life counseling, a booklet that was suspended under the bush administration. but as fox's caroline schivley reports, it's been revived. >> an end of -- [ inaudible ] in one part of the your life your care booklet, it lists different health scenarios you can check off if they're
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acceptable to make life not worth living anymore. here are just a cow. i live in a nursing home. i'm a severe financial burden on my family. i cannot seem to shake the blues. one critic says just because you live in a nursing home or are depressed, that shouldn't be something you consider for ending your life. while the booklet is up on the website, they're in the middle of revising it and a new one will be out next year. here's the debate on fox news sunday. >> this is a slippery slope that kind of makes people when you look at the document, it makes people feel like they're a burden and they should do the decent thing and die. >> all of our programs are a result of federal research -- [ indiscernible ] we very clearly tell all our veterans please use any type of a tool that is most suitable for you and your loved one. >> senator arlen specter says he plans to investigate and will call for hearings on the veterans affairs committee. the vacation is over for students in d.c. and prince
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george's county. >> it is back to school in the morning and sue palka is putting together the forecast for you. stay with us. they're going to like what they're going to be facing at the bus stop. the kids will be temperaturing that they actually -- will be complaining that they actually have to go to school in the morning. we have an update on hurricane bill and what is ahead on the five-day forecast. we have it all for you right after the break. 
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didn't today seem like a bonus day compared to what we've been through the past few days and even last week. thank now checking back on the forecast. we have a couple of showers here and there tonight. it was much more isolated, especially when you think about what we went through yesterday with in some cases five and six inches of rain falling east of 95 yesterday. unbelievable. no flooding to deal with tonight. want to talk about our headlines though. what can you expect for the rest of this week and with the kids going back to school. let's switch over to the weather headlines and talk about the fact it will be a quieter weekend. we've very happy about that. -- we're very happy about that the humidity will be lower. it won't be october like but it will be very nice and much more refreshing than last week. temperature wise we'll be staying in the mid up toker 80s and maybe -- mid- to upper 80s and maybe a few storms around. a lots of rain fell yesterday. today was much quieter.
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hurricane bill is still a hurricane. it's about 115 miles west, southwest of cape rays new foundland. it is racing across the north atlantic. there may be something else for us to watch, a tropical wave near the leeward islands bares some watching. our computer models continue to say that could be a tropical storm sometime this week. hurricane center is not saying that. we'll keep an eye on t. d.c. 76. look at the cooler air on the other side of the mountains. pittsburgh 62. we'll have 60s in the area omorrow morning. and just a partly cloudy night. 67 degrees. tomorrow we'll go for about 87 degrees but it will not be as humid. it will be a lot of sunshine and a nice day for the kids at the bus stop. temperatures will be in the 60s. sun comes up at 6:30. we're sorry you have to go back, kids but at least the weather will be great and recess will be outside. here's the five-day forecast. we're going for 87. tuesday very similar day. gets a little warmer on wednesday. then a front approaches on thursday and friday. that might make us just a
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little bit more unstable and we may have to factor in a couple of thunderstorms here and there but it's going to feel a lot better tomorrow. i'm looking forward to that i better you are too, sarah. >> absolutely. >> we've got to work too. >> kids, if you're watching, turn off the tv. it's time to go to bed. school is tomorrow. >> i know a lot of kids are looking forward to it as well. not dreadful for everyone. >> not everybody. want news and information 24/7, fox 5 news is always on. lo d on- line. keep it right here. geico sports xtra with dave ross walking into the studios m minutes away. it's never too early to start saving up for christmas.
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